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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can reveal to your sellers the next step they need to take for moving their customer relationship forward. Moreover, it can help them to be more proactive in their communications by knowing how and when do their customers interact with their emails. It will also provide them social insights, so that they are able to track the buyer sentiment and identify future competitive threats

Build relationships with the right people
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help your sellers to build relationships with those prospects which are most likely convert to a lead. They can use LinkedIn to connect and find influencers and decision makers for better prospects. Sellers can also provide a warm introduction to buyers, so that they could connect them with people in their network and in their organization. Embedded Office 365 tools can help your sales team to collaborate and personalize sales documents.

Boost seller productivity with seamless tools
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help you to reduce training time and increase user adoption by providing an intelligent event-driven sales process, which can help your sellers to reach their optimal goals. In addition, it increases seller productivity and simplifies sales execution by integrating Dynamics 365 for Sales features with tools they are already familiar with like Excel and Outlook. It allows offline use as well, so no matter where you are, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app to get social data, up-to-date news, and task flows that can increase usability. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect with your partners by interacting with them about cases, opportunities and other related information.